10.5mm gauge, Super slow drive units, RTR
10.5mm gauge, Super slow drive units, RTR
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10.5mm gauge, Super slow drive units, RTR

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This item is assemble-to-order (ATO). It will be shipped within about two weeks after receiving your order. 
There are six variations. Please select the wheel size and wheel base before press the Add to Cart button. 


- 10.5mm gauge for HOn3 or other scales. Ready-to-run drive unit.
- This item has six variations. Wheel dia 6.0 and 7.0mm, wheel base 12, 14, 16mm. This product includes one RTR unit and four unpainted 3D printed wheel centers. 
- The chassis is made of 3D printed high performance UV resin and is coated to reduce wear and already painted black. 
- Our 12V coreless motor, M0.2 gear system are used on the chassis that enables realistic run from extremely low speed (33mm/s-6V*). 
- The wheels are widened N gauge wheels. 
- It can be held in place by a center tapped tabs on your printed body or floorboard. See drawing for dimensions.
*Millimeter speed per second at 6V that was calculated from no-load motor rotation speed. 

#6411: dia 6.0, wheel base 12mm
#6421: dia 7.0, wheel base 12mm
#6431: dia 6.0, wheel base 14mm
#6441: dia 7.0, wheel base 14mm
#6451: dia 6.0, wheel base 16mm
#6461: dia 7.0, wheel base 16mm

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